P250-MHP185 FlexAir

The P250-MHP185WDO-T4F portable air compressor from Doosan Portable Power is ideal for a wide variety of applications. Featuring Doosan’s FlexAir system and powered by the reliable Doosan D24 engine, the P250-MHP185 can operate within a wide range of pressures and flows, with as much as 250 cfm at 100 psi through 185 cfm at 175 psi, making it the perfect portable air compressor for sandblasting, construction, or pneumatic tool operation. Doosan Portable Power has designed the P250-MHP185 air compressor with versatility and operator convenience in mind; air pressure can be adjusted at the control panel, removing the need for operators to enter the machine and use tools to alter the machine’s output.

P250-MHP185 FlexAir

Free Air Delivery

250 cfm (7.0 m³/min)


100 psig (6.9 bar)

Model Details

The P250-MHP185WDO-T4F portable air compressor is powered by a Tier 4F compliant Doosan D24 turbo diesel engine. To maximize jobsite productivity, the P250-MHP185 has been engineered with DOC emissions technology and zero-maintenance engine after treatment. The compact design and versatility of the P250-MHP185 make it a natural choice for any job or worksite.  Doosan FlexAir technology and the new Doosan D24 engine make the P250-MHP185 more versatile than any of its predecessors, allowing users to expand their opportunities and increase their productivity.

P250-MHP185 FlexAir

Benefits of the Doosan FlexAir System


More Pressure Available

The Doosan FlexAir System allows users to have complete control over pressure and flow at their fingertips. With pressures ranging from 80 psi up to 200 psi, FlexAir equipped models are some of the most versatile 185 size class machines in the marketplace.

Simple Controls

Tool-Free Air Pressure Adjustment

On Doosan Evolution Series portable air compressors with Doosan FlexAir technology, operators select the pressure of the output air electronically using the control panel. Gone are the days of using a wrench to adjust pressure.

Improved Reliability

Improved Reliability

All models of Doosan Evolution Series portable air compressors contain new Doosan engines and fuel systems for improved reliability and durability.

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Dimensions With Running Gear

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XP185-VHP165 FlexAir

Free Air Delivery

185 cfm (5.2 m³/min)


125 psig (8.6 bar)


Free Air Delivery

425 cfm (12 m³/min)/
375 cfm (10.6 m³/min)


100 psig (6.9 bar)/
150 psig (10.3 bar)



Key Features

easy operation, curbside

Safe Operation

Control panel, air discharge outlets and tool box are all safely located on the curb side of the air compressor

Doosan FlexAir System

Maximized Versatility

Now equipped with Doosan's FlexAir system, users can select from a wider range of pressure settings with ease directly from the control panel.

Tool box

The Space You Need

Our 8,700 cubic inch tool box holds everything you need for a day's work.