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A legacy of quality and innovation since 1871

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Erleben Sie Doosan Portable Power und unseren branchenführenden Support und Service. Ganz gleich, was Sie brauchen – wir haben die Lösung. Mit unserem umfangreichen Angebot an Kompressoren, Beleuchtungssystemen und Generatoren haben wir die passende Lösung für jede Anforderung. Zum Führen eines erfolgreichen Unternehmens gehört mehr als nur leistungsstarke Ausrüstungen. Deswegen arbeitet Doosan Portable Power mit einem erfahrenen globalen Vertriebsnetzwerk zusammen, das Sie auf jedem Schritt Ihres Weges begleitet. Doosan Portable Power – mehr als 100 Jahre herausragende Qualität.


7/20 compressor on a construction site

Air compressors that are built to last:

  • A corrosion-resilient steel enclosure and heavy duty axles
  • Airends that require less horsepower to deliver a high volume cfm output


G100 generator providing power at night

Our complete line of generators, ranging from 20 to 500 kVA prime power, deliver performance you can trust to provide power in critical applications. 

  • Simple operation
  • Enhanced serviceability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Envorinmental friendliness


a group of light towers on a construction site

Day or night, our equipment works as hard as you do.

  • Light Towers able to withstand winds of more than 104.5 km/h
  • Heavy-duty axle provides trouble-free towing on road or off
  • Engineered for a variety of applications rental, construction, events and disaster releif.

A spirit of innovation drives us forward

generator on a shipping doch


The optional ECOmizer system offers up to 70% fuel consumption reduction, depending on the application.

Portable Power's IQ system logo

IQ System creates clean air

Portable Power's IQ System is a self-contained process that removes harmful dust, dirt, moisture and oil that are present in untreated air resulting in instrument-quality air.

Remanufactured compressor


Our proprietary airends are engineered specifically to handle the everything you throw at our portable air compressors.