Genuine Doosan Parts

You’ve made a wise investment with Doosan Portable Power equipment…now make the same wise decision when by using genuine Doosan parts to achieve peak performance from your equipment, extend service life, and maximize its efficiency.



compressor air filter

Air Filters:

Clean air is essential to keeping your engine running smoothly. Even in the harshest environments, Doosan air filters provide long life by protecting sensitive engine components from damaging dirt and debris.

  • Pleats are designed for harsh vibrations, preventing pleat media from bunching or collapsing
  • Pleated media maximizes filter surface area with optimal air flow
  • Heavy-duty seal gaskets to endure extreme temperatures and vibration
  • High contaminant removal efficiency

Oil Filters:

Only a premium oil filter can provide the vital protection today’s high performance, low emission engines require. Demand Doosan filters and keep your oil and engine operating at peak efficiency

  • Heavy-duty metal housing protects filter from collapsing under pressure or fatigue
  • Media captures harmful particles without the drawback of clogging
  • Provides maximum contaminant holding capacity and removal efficiency
  • Spin-on thread plate for easy installation

Fuel Filters

Today’s fuel systems require cleaner fuel to run at their optimum level. Contaminants in your fuel can cause engine power loss and even failure.

  • Prevents pump wear and clogging of injectors
  • Protects sensitive fuel system components against particulates, water, fungus & bacteria
  • Built to meet the stringent specifications of new engines


Fluids and Lubricants

Icon Field Kits

Doosan branded compressor and engine oils are designed specifically for the high performance demands of Doosan equipment.

Premium 15W-40 Tier 4 Engine Oil

Doosan 15W-40 Tier 4 diesel engine oil delivers the highest performance for the most severe on and off-highway applications. Specially formulated for extra high performance in Tier 4, low-emission engines including those with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and After-treatment systems with Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs). One oil for mixed fleets: 100% backwards compatible for engines with or without emissions control devices.

Doosan 15W-40 Engine Oil

Doosan Engine Oil is designed to provide superior protection in diesel and gasoline engines. The anti-wear additive safeguards engine from valve and lifter damage under severe loading conditions while the alkalinity delivers protection from acids formed by oxidation and heavy duty service. Doosan engine oil satisfies the critical lubrication needs of the most modern engine while continuing to excel in pre 1999 diesel engines.

PRO-TEC® and XHP 605 Compressor Oil

PRO-TEC® Compressor Fluid is designed specifically for the high performance demands of Doosan compressors up to 300 psi. Our proprietary formulation achieves superior performance and extends your equipment life.

XHP 605 is a hydrocarbon-based synthetic lubricant, using a patented process, designed and approved for Doosan compressors operating above 300 psi.