What is the ECOmizer

ECOmizer is the how Doosan is improving environmental protection and at customer satisfaction. The   machine equipped with the ECOmizer will automatically recognize the working phase and will act on pressure and engine speed without the intervention of the operator to optimize the fuel consumption and to reduce noise and emissions. The compressors will automatically recognize the demand of flow and pressure, providing the maximum performance immediately. Doosan Portable Power’s new   ECOmizer option is now available for all machines from 7/124 to 21/224 models. Customers can choose it directly from factory when selecting new machines or as kit, thanks to retrofitability into existing Stage IV machines.

Why ECO?

ECO as ecological, thanks to reduced emissions and noise
ECO as economy, thanks to fuel consumption reduction up to 70%, depending on duty cycle

Customer Benefits

  • Fuel reduction up to 70%, depending on duty cycle
  • Extended lifetime of the machine

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced noise