Doosan Portable Power has a full range of portable air compressors from 250 – 1400 cfm with 100 – 365 psi These durable, rugged and versatile compressors from Doosan are rigorously tested to ensure they perform in the harshest conditions. Doosan Portable Power air compressors also have the most options available in the market so you can customize your equipment to fit your needs

Doosan Portable Power's full compressor lineup | Up to 1400 cfm and 365 psi

Doosan Portable Power P250

Small Compressors

CFM range: 250 to 415
PSI Range: 100 to 150

Doosan Portable Power Medium compressors

Medium Compressors

CFM Range: 300 to 675
PSI Range: 100 to 210

Doosan Portable Power SHP750

Large Compressors

CFM Range: 750 to 1400
PSI Range: 250 to 400

Electric Portable Compressor

electric compressor in rock quarry

Doosan Portable Power also offers electrically driven portable air compressor with best in class motor and electricals in the segment.

  • No pollution
  • Low maintenance
  • Capable of operating in extreme weather conditions between 0°C and 52°C.
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Genuine Doosan Portable Power Parts

Doosan Genuine Parts

Insist on genuine Doosan filters and lubricants when servicing your Doosan machine.

Technical Training

Technical Training

Doosan Portable Power training programs equip field technicians with confidence.

Doosan Portable Power Service

Superior Support Network

As our commitment to being the leader in technical service support we provide 24-hour service 7 days a week.

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