Doosan Certified Air Compressor Reman Program

Doosan Portable Power’s Factory Certified Remanufacturing program extends the life of large air compressors and returns them to like-new conditions. Each compressor will receive a remanufactured airend as well as an engine of the same tier classification as originally equipped. Every compressor that is brought in to Doosan Portable Power’s Remanufacturing program will be put through a strict evaluation, parts that do not meet our strict criteria are rebuilt or replaced. Not only is your air compressor restored to showroom conditions, but each remanufactured machine is registered in our system with a same-as new machine warranty. When buying new just isn’t an option, Doosan Portable Power’s Remanufacturing program is the solution.

Benefits of remanufactured equipment

Modern emissions regulations have created a market for engines that burn cleaner and help reduce pollutants that can harm the environment. However, the technologies required to achieve these benefits have also added cost and complexity to today’s diesel powered equipment. Through Doosan Portable Power’s Certified Remanufacturing Program enjoy a like-new machine with a lower investment and higher ROI

Why do customers love having a Doosan Certified Remanufactured Compressor?

  • Your remanufactured compressor will be rebuilt in the same factory where new machines are assembled
  • Every remanufactured machine receives a factory reconditioned airend and engine
  • During the remanufacturing process we install any design enhancements that have been created since your compressor was first built
  • All remanufactured machines come with a same-as-new machine warranty

Airend Exchange Program

Whether you own a Doosan Portable air compressor or an OEM drill that has a Doosan airend built in, a remanufactured airend provided through our Airend Exchange Program will deliver superior performance and reliability which means profits for you and your company.

Doosan Factory remanufactured airends are carefully disassembled and inspected to ensure that any damaged or obsolete parts are replaced. Each airend is rebuilt by experienced craftsmen at Doosan Portable Power’s worldwide headquarters in the USA.

The benefits of Doosan's Airend Exchange Program:

•    Availability
•    Reliability
•    Experience
•    Performance
•    Technological Upgrades

The Airend Exchange Program also offers extended Warranty Options, In fact all rebuilt airends get a new airend warranty which is also eligible for an extended warranty.

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Airend Re-born