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Doosan Portable Power | A legacy of quality and innovation since 1871

The hardest work requires the most reliable equipment. Doosan Portable Power provides the durable, proven equipment you need to confidently tackle bigger, more challenging jobs. With superior design and the latest technology, our portable air compressors and light towers are built to perform in even the most demanding conditions. Wherever the job takes you, Doosan Portable Power equipment is there to provide unquestioned performance.

Reliability, quality and serviceability of our products reflects the commitment we have in delivering powerful solutions to move your business forward.

Our products support a wide range of applications

Whatever the job, Doosan Portable Power has the solution to fit your needs. Our products are designed and rigorously tested to perform in the harshest conditions and as shown below suitable for almost any application.



Some of the applications supported by the models in this range include:

  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Cable Laying
  • Drifter
  • Ground Stabilizing
  • Jack Hammer
  • Pavement Breaker
  • Pipeline Testing
  • And more...
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Some of the applications supported by the models in this range include:

  • Dressing
  • Excavator Mounted Drilling
  • Hydraulic Crawler
  • Pneumatic Crawler
  • LD Bore
  • Wagon Drill
  • And more...
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Water Well

Supported Waterwell applications include:

  • WW-4.75'
  • WW 5'
  • WW 6-1/2
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Doosan Portable Power's drive for continuous innovation

Certified remanufactured airend logo on compressor

Factory Certified Airends

Doosan Factory remanufactured airends are carefully disassembled and inspected to ensure that any damaged or obsolete parts are replaced. Each airend is rebuilt by experienced craftsmen at Doosan Portable Power’s worldwide headquarters in the USA.

image of airend cutout

Precision made, world-class Airends

Made in the USA, these airends are crafted from years of experience and a commitment to offering customers the best solution for their needs

airend exchange program

Airend Exchange Program

The Airend Exchange Program also offers extended Warranty Options, In fact all rebuilt airends get a new airend warranty which is eligible for an extended warranty.

More reasons to choose Doosan Portable Power

Reliable & trustworthy product support worldwide
Peak performance even in the roughest terrains and conditions
100+ years of manufacturing experience